Skirting Danger

$50.00 AUD
Our Skirting Danger mini skirt was designed, like all our pieces, to become a wardrobe staple for any season. The skirt zips completely open through the center front to get on or off, or for when you've had too many dumplings and need a little more room up top.
We've included a large pocket and two D rings that are great to attach chains or straps to for a custom look. These skirts also look great with patches or studs sewn on, or you could go crazy with fabric paint. 
The hem and straps have been treated to give every skirt its own individual finish and no two skirts are exactly alike. We've used our signature medium weight cotton drill to create a skirt that will last and is easy care, fully machine washable, can be ironed but we don't recommend using a dryer, bleach or exposing it to full sun to dry as you'll damage and fade the colour. 


Size Chart:

Size 6 measures;
Waist: 75cm (29")
Hip: 95cm (37")
Length: 49cm (19")

Size 8 measures;
Waist: 80cm (3112")
Hip: 100cm (3938")
Length: 49cm (19") 

Size 10 measures;
Waist: 85cm (33")
Hip: 105cm (41")
Length: 49cm (19") 

Size 14 measures;
Waist: 95cm (37")
Hip: 115cm (45")
Length: 49cm (19") 

Size 16 measures;
Waist: 100cm (3938")
Hip: 120cm (4714")
Length: 49cm (19")

Size 18 measures;
Waist: 105cm (41")
Hip: 125cm (49")
Length: 49cm (19") 

See our F.A.Q page for more information. 


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