Divert Jacket

$50.00 AUD
 Our Divert Shirt started out life as a thin cotton shirting, business style shirt, but a mix up with the samples created a happy accident and these shirts were made in our medium weight cotton drill.
We love them even more now as they've become a garment you can wear as a shirt or a light jacket. They look great with patches, studs and chains added, or just as is. The divert shirt is intended to be tight fitting as has a lot of shaping through the bust, waist and hip to create an hourglass effect. 
Heavy duty silver buttons like you find on jeans have been added to the center front. Do them all up for a military jacket effect or only one for something more casual. Carrying on the military theme the shoulders have large metal D rings in the style of epaulets. Finally, we've added three pockets, two in front and one on the sleeve, just in case, and a large collar for maximum impact value. We're sure you'll be diverting attention in this one!


Size Chart:

Size 6
Bust: 86cm (32")
Waist: 79cm (31")
Hips: 101cm (40")
Front Length: 37cm (14 1/2")
Size 8
Bust: 90cm (35")
Waist: 82cm (32")
Hips: 104cm (40 1/2")
Front Length: 38cm (15")
Size 10
Bust: 93cm (36 1/2")
Waist: 87cm (34 14")
Hips: 109cm (43")
Front Length: 39cm (15 14")
Size 12
Bust: 98cm (38 1/2")
Waist: 92cm (36 14")
Hips: 114cm (45")
Front Length: 40cm (15 1/2")
Size 14
Bust: 104cm (40 1/2")
Waist: 97cm (38")
Hips: 119cm (47")
Front Length: 41cm (16")
Size 16
Bust: 109cm (43")
Waist: 102cm (40")
Hips: 124cm (49")
Front Length: 42cm (16")
Size 18
Bust: 114cm (45")
Waist: 107cm (42")
Hips: 130cm (51")
Front Length: 43cm (16 1/2")
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