Take me to your leader.....

Long long ago in a far away land called Canberra a little girl called Erin had a big dream to have her own shop and clothing brand.
So she worked and worked, and worked, and worked, and worked and one day she turned around to see that she had built a shop called Raven. 
Raven was featured at many shows and events and the little girl continued to work hard making the clothing all by herself to avoid the evil sweatshops she had read so much about.
Circa Nocturna 1   Circa Nocturna 2   Circa Nocturna 3
Raven was a lot of fun and the little girl had some new friends to help her run the shop, until one day a nasty Global Financial Crisis came knocking....
It huffed and it puffed and, well, it didn't exactly blow the shop down, but it made life very hard for the little girl, so she and her friends packed up their goodies and moved to Melbourne. Swiming pools, movie stars.... 
In Melbourne Erin decided she would create a new brand she could take all over the world. She read many books until she discovered the name for an Australia Raven is Corvus Mellori and that's when she knew she had a new brand....
Corvus Mellori Clothing is designed in Melbourne Australia, by Erin with a strong focus on affordability and comfort. While Erin has partnered with a few factories, many of the garments are still handmade by Erin in Melbourne Australia.
The range is available in sizes 6-18.
Details of size measurements and colour availability are listed on each item.
We are also open to customization of garments and collaborations.
Please email with your ideas.
The range is currently also available Gallery Serpentine Sydney
Alt Cvlt in Melbourne and online.
Other items from Raven Clothing including limited editions and crafty items are available on etsy.
Our friends at Hellequin Custom Patches who make our logo patches have a large range of stock available on ebay.
For information on stocking Corvus Mellori Clothing in your shop or online shop please email.